Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs are available for a limited amount of time between April 1st and June 30th.  We do not heat our coops, so must wait until our weather in the North Okanagan is cooperating.  Then we split up our breeding pens, collect hatching eggs for ourselves and check fertility. 

If you are interested in our birds, please connect with us early in the year because our lists fill up quickly. 

Use the "Contact Us" page and provide your email, complete mailing address & ph# if you want the eggs shipped. 

If you are planning to pick up your eggs, just provide your email, where you live and that you want to pick your eggs up directly from the farm.

I will contact you to advise you that you are on our list, and once the birds start laying a good guestimate of the date for shipping.  I will connect with you before i start collecting to make sure you are ready, and if not will go to the next person on the list.  You remain on the list-within reason. 

Available for 2024

Black Copper Marans Hatching eggs  $100/doz our darkest eggs 

Black Copper Marans regular eggs $50/doz - available any time. 

Chicks - will be limited for 2024 due to family illness.  Please contact for more information: if available will be as below.

We can also provide chicks as requested- straight run 

Payment is required prior to eggs being set in the incubator

$20.00 ea.  


Periodically we will have pullets available.  These are typically birds who do not meet our goals for our breeding program, but are still layers of nice dark eggs.  These pullets are normally available as we go through our flock in the fall to see who we want to continue to grow out, and who will eventually join our breeding groups. 

If you want to put on a list for these birds - connect through our contact page to let us know how many you may want.  These birds are in high demand and sell quickly.

Possible Lists for 2024/2025.

We imported quite a few varieties of Marans from some Marans breeders from the USA May 2023.  We are so excited to be adding these lines to our flock.  Unsure at this point how we will go forward with these varieties as it will take some time to grow the birds out.  We may offer chicks sales only, or hatching eggs too.  Check back! 

Black Copper Marans

Blue Copper Marans  

Black and Blue Silver Marans 

Wheaten Marans and Blue Wheaten Marans

White Marans- alas no males!  more eggs coming-hoping for a boy

Columbian Marans

Black Tailed Red