Well 2019 started off with a bang.  Kutenai escaped.  He broke through the gate and in his 3 hours of freedom managed to breed 5 of our ewes.  Poor Phiney couldn't fit through the hole because his horns were too big.  Thankfully we know who the father is of this bunch. 

Welcome! the first of our lambs for this year.

This is Circle C's Stormin' Kutenai imported from Texas in 2015. 

His horns are slightly asymmetrical.  He has broken the tips off both his horns. 

Last measured at 3.5 years old with measurements of 98 4/8 with over 11" bases. 

He has now met his Gold Star Ram status. 

Kutenai is a ram full of beans.  He has attitude and spunk!   Below are pictures of Kutenai's lambs. 

This is the last year that we will have babies out of Kutenai and Phin. 

We will be holding back a lot of the ram lambs to see who makes the cut into our breeding program; how their horns,confirmation and temperament turn out .