If you are interested in chicks....more information on the sales page. 


We re-started our flock in 2017 - we have 4 lines of Black Copper Marans that we are working with.  The first line is my own that i have been working on for the past 8 years, the second is from a line back east.  Two lines imported in 2023 from very dark eggs lines, but very over-melanized birds.  The other Marans varieties may be available in 2024- but maybe only later in the year?

The Marans birds are a work in progress.  We are working very hard to achieve the Standard of Perfection for this breed and the dual purpose status, but we are always still learning...always learning.

Our flock is tested annually, and are free of Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Infectious Coryza and Salmonella.

Eggs sold for hatching are only the darkest ones, and those from my best birds.  Understand that as the egg gets larger, the colour is less intense.  The egg colour also changes throughout the laying cycle...so i will continue to collect only the darkest eggs, but this might change depending upon the time of year.

We do ship hatching eggs.  We use foam shippers when available, but have alternative methods of packing available as well.  Please see our Sales page for further information

Black Copper Marans chicks will be available starting around April- straight run and for pick up only.  We only hatch on pre-paid orders.