Big Rock Sheep Station...and Hen Cackle Inn...

At Big Rock Sheep Station, our goal is to provide our customers with the best stock possible and to do everything we reasonably can to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their livestock purchase.



    ·      We "guarantee" all animals to be sound, healthy and free of disease for 14 days after the sale date,
         providing it is not "Stress Related" or a problem that occurred in the course of transportation of the animal.

·        A Veterinary invoice and/or autopsy report will be required stating the animal had a pre-existing condition before any refunds will be given.

·        All testing and the Vet Certificate are the responsibility of the buyer.

·        Once livestock has left our farm, it cannot be returned to our farm- to protect the health of our flock from biohazards.




       Deposits and Payment

·        We do not accept deposits until lambs are born.

·        To hold stock for clients, we require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit.

·        Deposits must be received 1 week from agreement or the sheep will go back up for sale.

·        We accept cash, bank draft, and or EFT as payment.

·        Payment in full must be made before stock leaves our farm.

·        Should anything happen to an animal with a deposit down (predation, illness, etc. while still on our farm) we will offer the buyer first choice of others for sale or a refund of their deposit. For stock being boarded for extended periods (greater than 60 days), stock is left on our farm at the buyer’s risk (i.e. the deposit is non-refundable).

·        If we cannot supply stock due to unforeseen circumstances (such as illness or death), we reserve the right to cancel the sales agreement and refund the deposit.

·        By putting a deposit on sheep, you are agreeing with all Terms & Conditions of Big Rock Sheep Station’s Sales Policy.




Pickup and Delivery

·        Livestock are priced for pick-up at our farm. Delivery may be arranged for an additional charge. We can also recommend professional livestock hauling services. When you show up at our farm to pick up your sheep, please ensure you utilize a safe and humane method for transporting sheep. We highly recommend that you arrange transportation for your stock prior to purchasing.

·        Sheep are to be picked up on an agreed upon date. After 15 days, there will be a $5.00/day/animal boarding fee charged. After 60 days, if the stock is not claimed, or if the buyer fails to pay for the stock, the animal will be put back up for sale and the buyer will forfeit all money paid.

·        Failure to comply with this policy will be grounds to terminate the sales agreement without refund of the deposit and the animal will be listed for sale again.


Registered Stock

·        Our sheep are registered with the Painted Desert Sheep Society.


Big Rock Sheep Station - Sales Policy


We reserve the right to refuse the sale of our livestock