Big Rock Sheep Station ...and Hen Cackle Inn...

We have both ram and ewe lambs from both of our herd sires Circle C's Nuclear Phin, and Circle C's Stormin Kutenai.  This year I have placed the Sire first, then pictures of the ewes & offspring below each sire.

The white roan ewe lambs tend to throw the loudest coloured babies.

Circle C's Nuclear Phin came to us in 2015; imported from Texas as a yearling.  He comes from a long line of Gold Star Rams(*GSR), and achieved his Gold Star status in 2016 at the age of 27 months with a score of 95 3/8"

His Gold Star certificate was 99 7/8" measured in Nov 2016.  He is a super mellow guy

Circle C's Stormin Kutenai came to us in 2015; imported from Texas as a lamb.  Kutenai also comes from a long line of Gold Star Rams, including his father who is a bit of a coat shifter.  You can see how his coat changes on our "vision" page under Circle C Ranch.

Kutenai tends to throw doberman colouring in his offspring.  We have yet to measure Kutenai.   His horns are slightly asymmetrical.

Big Rock Victor was born on our farm in 2016, out of Big Rock Dotty & Kutenai.  He is considered  Doberman colouring ( black and tan as opposed to tan and black that the barbados have), and is sought after by many breeders of Painted Desert Sheep.  We bred him to two of our white ewes to see what colour he would throw.


Circle C's Nuclear Phin F- 3329 *GSR

Circle C's Stormin' Kutenai  F - 3331


Big Rock Beauty  F - 2786

ewe(sold), ram($350)sold, ewe ($200)sold


Big Rock Ruby(for sale)  F - 3157

ram lamb($300)


Big Rock Lulu  F -3667

ram lamb ($300)(sold)

Big Rock Cheyenne (sold)   F- 3674

Twin ewe lambs($200 ea)(sold)


Big Rock Joy   F- 3165

Twin ram lambs ($250 ea) dark one sold


Momma BB(for sale)

ewe($200)sold  & ram lamb $250


Big Rock Poppy    F - 2785

ewe lamb($250)sold  & ram lamb 


Big Rock Stella  F - 3159

ram($250), ewe($250)sold, ram($350)


Big Rock Sissy   F - 3161

Ram lamb $400(sold)

Big Rock Cinnamon Girl   F - 3673

ewe lamb($200)(sold)

Grey BB (for sale)  

ram($350) , ram($250) , ewe (sold)

Grey BB consistently gives us some of the best horns


Big Rock Peanut    F - 3163

ewe lamb($250)sold , ram lamb(sold)


Big Rock Victor   

All of our lambs are individually priced; prices will be posted below their picture. 

Big Rock Hazel   F - 3164

Twin ram lambs($350 ea)both sold


Rusty Irons Sierra(Wesson) (sold)

& ewe lamb (not for sale)

Rusty Irons Shiloh(H&R)(sold)

ewe(not for sale) & ram lamb($250)

this little ram has some serious horns

Big Rock Dotty  F- 3162

twin ewe lambs (not for sale)

Big Rock Tiny Dancer  F - 3160

ram lamb (deceased)

Big Rock Patches  F - 3158(sold)

ewe lamb (not for sale), & ram lamb($250)

                                                                           .........and their Ewes

Phin's on this side                                      Kutenai's on this side

Big Rock Pearl  F - 3663

ewe lamb(sold), & ram lamb

Big Rock Lilly  F - 3668 -H(sold)

Bigger ewe lamb (sold), smaller ($200ea)(sold)