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Black Copper Marans

We are not shipping any eggs for 2017- our apologies




We have been working on various lines of Black Copper Marans; striving to achieve the American Standard of Perfection within this amazing breed of chicken.  Our foundation lines are Greenfire farms, Greendale farms, Davis, and various local & international breeders.


The Marans breed originated in France and are named after the coastal town "Marans".  They began by breeding hens to various game cocks and marsh birds until the late 1800's when the Langshan and Brahma was introduced into the mix.  The Black Copper Marans began showing up at poultry shows in the early 1900's.  The English standard calls for clean legs; the American standard follows the French standard which calls for lightly feathered legs.


We are passionate about our Marans.  We only hatch the darkest eggs and chose only the best quality birds to breed going forward.  We follow the American Standard of Perfection for this breed.  We sell hatching eggs, but do not sell chicks at this time.  The Marans chickens are known for their good flavour of meat and their beautiful eggs.  The colour chart for eggs ranges from 1-9 with the 9 being the darkest.  A true Marans will have an egg no less than a 4 on the scale and it is very difficult to find an egg above a 7 in North America.  We are happy to work with other Marans breeders in Canada and the USA in order to bring this lovely bird to the tables of Canadians







This is the result of two years working on egg colour.

It is very difficult to judge the colour of the egg without the colour chart when looking at pictures.  This photo is of the colour chart with a hole punched in it so the egg colour is visible as a direct comparison

This is our Roo we are working with this year.  We will chose our best hens to compliment his features.  He is a nice beefy boy, and is a good tempered rooster as well.


We are members of the Marans of America Club

We are also members of The Marans Chicken Club of USA