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Nothing like the taste


Our Freezer lamb is processed in a government inspected facility.  It comes cut wrapped and frozen to your specifications.  We usually lamb in late March and our lambs are ready in December.  We like to grow them slow.  This year we provided creep to our lambs.  We are experimenting with the finished product for our customers.  We usually only grain for two weeks at weaning and then will switch to pasture and/or good grade alfalfa hay until they leave our farm.  We do not vaccinate, use antibiotics or growth hormones.      $250.00 per lamb plus butcher fees    ..Works out to about 50 pounds of meat in your freezer   

Freezer Lamb Meat (sold out)



Farm Fresh eggs from our heritage chickens who do what chickens do best; Forage! 

They are allowed free access to our farm and are fed only organic layer and grower mash AND organic scratch from Fieldstone Grainery.


             Hatching Eggs


Marans hatching eggs available late 2018

We are sold out of sheep for 2017.

Please check back with us in 2018; lambs should start being on the ground April 01, 2018.

We have stopped using a waitlist. 

First come, first serve... with some consideration given to previous customers